Familie i Vibrog Domkirke
Viborg's fascinating

history, art and culture

An old capital with lots of history

Are you also fascinated by art, culture and the thrilling history of Denmark?

Viborg is one of Denmarks oldest cities with traces all the way back to ancient times. Viborg means "holy mountain".

Traders, warriors, craftsmen, pilgrims and adventurers came walking, riding and running with horses and oxen to take further along the Ancient Road to the major trading places and shrines in the south.

Until the introduction of absolute monarchy in 1660, all Danish kings hailed at the thing in Viborg, and noble gentleman men and Catholic bishops adorned the city with monumental buildings, including the characteristic cathedral with two towers.

Guided tours through the city

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Experiences for art and history lovers

Skovgaard Museum

The Skovgaard Museum is the art museum in Viborg. It houses works by the Skovgaard family of artists as well as changing art exhibitions.

Viborg Cathedral

Viborg Cathedral, with its two towers, is the symbol of the city. The church was founded in the 1100's but after several fires, the latest one in 1726, only the crypt remains from this period. The remainder of the cathedral has been rebuilt several times.

Guidet tours in Viborg

Guided tours in the historic part of Viborg   You can order an individual guided tour through the historic part of Viborg all year round at Viborg Museum at (+45) 8787 3811 or by e-mail at  rij@viborg.dk . A 1½ hour tour costs DKK 600 for groups of up to 25 and tours are available in...

Viborg Bryghus (brewery)

Viborg Bryghus is situated near by the old church Sortebrødre Kirke. At the brewery you can taste and buy hand crafted beer. For visits outside the opening hours, please contact the brewery in advance.

Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche creates poetic encounters between performers and audiences of all kinds of frames; a library, a park, or maybe in a museum. The theater ...

Viborg Museum

Viborg Museum is a culture-historical museum without a permanent exhibition. New exhibitions will open in 2021.

Viborg Kunsthal

Viborg Kunsthal shows changing exhibitions with renowned Danish and international visual artists.

galleri NB

galleri NB is a large gallery in the centre of Viborg. The exhibition area is divided into Main gallery, Centre gallery and NBeX project.