Parking in Viborg

In Viborg you will find many parking options in the city center. Some with time limit, others without. At most parking lots it is necessary to have a parking disc in your cars front window and to put it at the time of arrival.

Map of parking spaces

It is possible to buy a one-day parking license for 50 DKK (further information below).

Most parking spaces are within walking distance to the pedestrian street, Sct. Mathias Center, Viborg Cathedral and the historic district. Visit one of the city's cafes and restaurants, enjoy a lunch, a cup of coffee or a good ice cream.

Viborg is a lively shopping city with a number of specialty stores and a nice market square "taste at Nytorv" every Saturday.

Here you can read more about the rules for the parking license for parking in Viborg Midtby, as well as purchase of these

The license allows unlimited parking on public parking spaces where there normally is parking restrictions of 1 hour or more inside or on the center ring and Pakhusvej in Viborg. The license is valid in marked parking spaces (marked stalls and / or signs) only. You can buy a one-day-licence at:

Maggie, Vestergade 3
Hi-Fi-Klubben, Ll. Sct. Peder Stræde 4
Wunderwear, Sct. Mathias Gade 58
Gl. Vagts Grill- og Pølsevogn, Vægtertorvet/Ll. Sct. Hans Gade 18
Skovgaard Museet, Domkirkepladsen
Vi er Viborg, Nytorv 3
Viborg Rådhus, Prinsens Alle 5