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Every course, conference or meeting is added something extra at Kongensbro Kro.

Gl. Kongevej 70

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When participants need to stretch their legs, the wonderfully beautiful inn and Gudenåen are right outside the door. Here, the wingspan of history can be experienced by strolling a walk on the barge path along the river. The inn's nature, terraces, herb garden and magnificent trees make the experience an even greater pleasure.

Kongensbro Kro is kgl. privileged and holds more than 300 years of history. A story that offered everything from enemy gunfire shooting to the king who toppled in the creek with his tub.

Kongensbro Kro is today a modern country road inn with comfortable and exclusive rooms, all of which have views of the inn and the rippling river. The rooms are tastefully decorated and offer all the necessary amenities such as ironing board, minibar, safety box, free wireless internet and flat screen TV with 14 free digital channels.

The "Kaagen" has room for 125 meeting participants, but if the need is smaller, the meeting can for example. are kept in their exclusive open wine cellar with its delicious lounge with fireplace and bar.

And of course, they provide all the practicalities, so you can keep calm and calm.


Gl. Kongevej 70

8643 Ans By


Maximum theatre seating (140)

Number of rooms for group activities (4)

Maximum banquet seating (118)

Maximum classroom seating (108)



Car parking

Course Certified

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