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Hovedgaden 3D

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The hiking organisation "Fodslaw Viborg" was founded in 1974 and is one of the 50 local organisations of Vandreforeningen Fodslaw.

Fodslaw is a organisation where everyone is welcome. Fodslaw works to promote the hiking sport, where it is not about getting first or about going the longest, but where it is about getting out and experiencing nature and being with others.

Fodslaw Viborg is a member of DMF (Dansk Motions Forbund), which is an umbrella organisation for 72 walking associations in Denmark. DMF coordinates approx. 300 walks a year with a total of approx. 30,000 participants. DMF is a member of the Confederation of Danish Enterprise and the International People's Federation (IVV).


Hovedgaden 3D

8831 Løgstrup


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