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Gudenå River is with its 160 kilometers Denmark's longest river. The river originates in Tinnet Crate northwest of Tørring near Vejle and has its outlet in Randers Fjord.

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Gudenå River is one of Jutland's natural pearls and attracts a large group of tourists each year. It is possible to canoe all the way from Tørring to the outlet of Randers Fjord. In addition, it is possible to sail with motor and sail driven boats on parts of the Gudenå River.


For anglers - due to the power of its water volume and depth - the Gudenå River is an challenging angling water and has a very attractive salmon fishery. In Gudenåen you can catch brook trout, sea trout, salmon, eel, pike, sand species and skull.


The trek path is a nature-tramp path that follows the Gudenåen from Silkeborg to Randers - a total of approx. 70 km. You can experience unique nature in a varied and sometimes difficult to access landscape.


A canoe trip on the Gudenå is both a scenic and challenging experience. The river is widely used during the summer by canoeists who go on a trip of one or more days duration. Sailing is allowed around the clock and throughout the year. The river is home to more than 80 plant species, of which 44 aquatic species.


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