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Gudenå River is with its 160 kilometers Denmark's longest river. The river originates in Tinnet Crate northwest of Tørring near Vejle and has its outlet in Randers Fjord.

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On its way to the Randers Fjord the river has several major entrances, among others: Mattrup Å, Salten Å, Found Å, Gjern Å, Alling Å and Nørreå. The Gudenå river also runs through several larger lakes including Mossø, Gudensø, Julsø, Borre Lake, Silkeborg Langsø and the artificial man made lake Tange Sø.

The old Pramdrager Trail, follows the river and is a beautiful hike. You will have unique nature experiences in a varied landscapes and sometimes difficult to cross areas. Some stretches are renovated with wooden trails - others are muddy and with high grass. If you want to go for a walk, please note that the same stretch, with low water level, is a dry trail, after rain and high water levels, may be almost flooded. You can read more about the old Pradrager Trail and its current state here.

Gudenå River is one of Jutland's natural pearls and attracts a large group of tourists each year. It is possibility to canoe all the way from Tørring to the outlet of Randers Fjord. In addition, it is possible to sail with motor and sail driven boats on parts of the Gudenå River, which is home to more than 80 plant species, of which 44 aquatic species.

Read more about where to rent a canoe or kayak here.


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