Ulbjerg Klint

The Star route Ulbjerg

The Star route Ulbjerg offers a lot of beautiful nature experiences along the fjord, river valleys and moor areals. Here you can follow 7 differens bicycicle routes around in the area. You can experience the fresh air from Hjarbæk Fjord, Ulbjerg Klint and the beautiful Tulsbjerge, which consists of 17 burial mounds on a long row. You can literally come too the whole world at the Worldmap in Klejtrup, and also visit the living museum  Hvolris ironage village

 A star route begins and and the same place, that means that you dont need to take your luggage with you. The trips varieted from ca. 10 to 70 km and offers experiences for everybody. Here you can read more about "The Star route Ulbjerg", 7 wonderful bicycicle trips, there brings you far around in the nature and to the experiences around Ulbjerg

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