Hjarbæk Fjord

The Star route Hjarbæk

Experience the Viborg-area from it`s best side. The bicycle trips on the Star route Hjarbæk offers many different experiences. Here there are made six wonderful trips, which all starts and ends in the idyllic seaport Hjarbæk. On the trips you mainly cycles above the less busy small roads and  cycle paths (The trips are not signposted). dIscover the landscapes and shady forests, scenic river valleys, breathtaking vistas and magnificent places.

The Star route begins and end the same place, that means, that you dont need to take all your luggage with you. The trips varies from ca.10 to 70 km and offers experiences for everybody. Here you can read more about "The Star route Hjarbæk", 6 great bicycle trips, which bring you far around in the nature and to the experiences around Hjarbæk.

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See The Star routes on Viborg Kommunes digitale map (they lie in the left menu `Tourism` and then bicycle route lies in the left menu).

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