Railway bicycle trails

Himmerlandsstien - nr. 35

Himmerlandsstien is 69 km long and runs from Løgstrup to Løgstør and is on a disused railway line between Viborg and Løgstør.
There is access for cyclists, hikers and horseback riders. The path is covered with stone dust and as a trial basis, there has been given access so that horse riding can take place beside the path.

The path goes throw varied and beautiful landscapes, which changes between hilly moraine, heaths, close to the meadows and large glacial valleys.
Such a nature trail on a disused railway line is roadworthy and with only few hills - a great alternative to a cycling vacation on the highway

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Alhedestien runs between Viborg and Herning and follows the disused railway, Alhedestien. The path passes Dollerup Bakker and through the great forests Kongskov - Stendal, Havredal and Ulvedal Plantations.

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