Experience Viborg on your own

Take a walk around some of the city's attractions, historic places and parks. Follow the tracks by the numbers of the city map which is found on the right side.

1. Nytorv:
Nytorv you are on the Viborg's geographical center, indicated by the "Zero-stone" in the middle of the square. Nytorv was from 1040 a cemetery, but were on Frederick II's orders dropped in 1584. Below the paving you can still find remnants of human bones.

2. Latinerhaven:
is a lush, green oasis in the middle of Viborg's old town. It is divided into several smaller garden sections, including a beautiful section with perennials, rhododendrons and even one with herbs used in schnapps.

3. Viborg Domkirke:
Viborg Cathedral
is with the two towers and unique frescoes the city's special landmark. The Church's history goes back to the 1100s, but after several violent fires  there are only the old crypt back. The rest has later been rebuilt.

4. Kongehyldningsmonumentet:
600 years (from Hardicanute in 1027 to Christian V in 1655), the Danish kings was celebrated in this place. The statue of Queen Margrethe I (1387-1412) and her sister's nine-year-old grandson, Erik of Pomerania, was erected in memory of Viborg as the place where kings were hailed.

5. Sct. Mogens Gade:
Mogens Gade is a long string of beautiful old houses, and here you can really feel the past. In the Middle Ages, the nobility lived in the southernmost area in Sct. Mogens Street, in the middle lived the artisans and to the farthest north you would fin the farms.

6. Hans Tausens Minde:
On this place Greyfriars Church was situated, and was in use until 1812. The church was then a ruin until it was removed in 1830. It was here johannitermunken and Reformer Hans Tausen (1494-1561) spoke against the Roman Catholic faith.In the rise of the300th anniversary ofthe Reformation a monument was built in 1836,andin2004,in connection with the475anniversary ofthe Reformation,a sculpture created by BjørnNørgaard was erected .

7. Bibelhaven:
The b
ible garden was designed in 1989 by Borgvold. In the garden you will find a unique collection of herbs, shrubs and trees, all of them are mentioned in the Bible.

8. Borgvold:
is a beautiful, romantic park with winding paths, bridges over streams, colourful beds of perennials and summer flowers and a small bandstand with occasional summer entertainment. In the park you can use the large playground and rent rowboats, canoes and paddle boats. By Golf Salonen the good ship "Margrethe I" is docked.

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