Hald Sø, Dollerup Bakker and Hærvejen

Take a pleasant walk or jump on the bike in the hilly terrain of the Dollerup Hills and enjoy the view of Hald Lake. The large area of dramatic cliffs, rippling springs, lush forests and heather clad hills and offers unique nature experiences.

Hald Sø and Dollerup Bakker

Find peace and solace for the soul on the narrow paths around the island with the 200 year old beech trees, distinguished history on the walk from Hald Manor to Hald ruin and Niels Bugge Hald, climb the heathery hills with sheep and goats intent of Stanghede and move inside Troldeslugten with the old gnarled trees and mill pond.

The characteristic landscape is formed during the ice age of kilometers thick glaciers, and melt water with great force created tunnel valleys and over 31 meters deep Hald Lake. Denmark's most beautiful and varied scenery were created here and is one of the wonders of geology.

Miniguides incl. map (only in Danish)

Display in Hald-Laden

In Hald-Laden at Hald Hovedgaard You find a nice display with big posters about the nature and culture history from the ice-age until today. Get more knowledge about glacial geology, flora and fauna, nature conservation, attractions and historical events in the area. Here you find informations material with maps and hiking trips.



Hærvejen is obviously for the hike- and the bicycicle vacation. Here there are waiting a lot of culture- and nature historical experiences. Follow the jydske højderyg from Viborg to the border and go into our ancestors' footsteps. A long Hærvejen the king and his warriors has been on a supply and retreat through Jutland, barkers and ox drivers have move on dry ground to the major markets in Germany, and pilgrims have started the long pilgrimage through Jutland and Europe to Santiago de Compostela. Hærvejen is therefore also called the King's Road, Oksevejen and Pilgrim Way.
You decide which way and how long you would like to go, but one thing is sure: You will get unforgettable experiences that brings you closer to the nature.

Hærvejens website

Historical monuments, burial mounds and old bridges gives you a journey through the history of Denmark. On Hærvejens website you will get a lots of inspiration for your biking and hiking vacation. Here you will also find cards with cycling and hiking routes, accommodation offers, restaurants, museums and everything that you need in your planning.




In the church Søndermarkskirken (Koldingvej 79) in Viborg you can see Hærvejstæppet (a 10 meter long carpet) which 16 ladies embroidered with millions of the finest stitches with Hærvejens history.

Read more about the Hærvejstæppet


Hærvejen invites to quiet contemplation, also for pilgrims. 

Read more on www.viborgdomsogn.dk and www.viborgpilgrimscentrum.dk.

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