Viborg set fra søen

Are you a guest in Viborg?

When visiting the Viborg region, there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. We offer everything from an overnight stay in scenic surroundings to an overnight stay in the vibrant and cozy city life in Viborg city.

On this page you will find an overview of the different accommodations, whether you prefer luxury or private accommodation.

Gourmet dinner in Viborg

Dining in Viborg

Viborg offers various exciting experiences, many lovely places to eat filled with cosiness, history and funny experiences in relaxing and beautiful surroundings, both wine bars, restaurants and cafes.

Dining in the surrounding area

Finding a good meal is not restricted to the center of Viborg, as the surrounding areas have plenty to offer in terms of restaurants and inns.


Attractions and experiences

Experience history in the cathedral, the bats of the lime mines, the Iron Age life in Hvolris, the high voltage of the Energy Museum - and get it all cut into cardboard at the Bruunshåb Gl. Papfabrik.

Foto: Poul Erik Pedersen

Events in the Viborg-area

Do you like to party? Then you will love everything that happens here in the Viborg area. See the event calendar here.

Online holiday magazine Viborg 2019

Get inspired and read exiting articles about the beautiful Viborg region! The holiday magazine contains useful information about attractions, sights, bicycle and walking tours and accommodation.