Hiking in the Viborg-area

The Viborg-area is a obviously place, if you want to move you around on your feets. Here can hiking combine with a exceptional nature experiences, and exciting history. 

Hiking in the Viborg-area

Hiking in the Viborg-area, is a amazing experience. Here you find some of Denmarks most beautiful and varieted nature- from extensive moor areas, dramatics hillsides, fertils forests, The Fjord fresh breath to Hærvejen, where the history in literal mind, get served for your feets.

Sct. Mogensgade, Viborg

Viborg on your own hand

 Viborg is one of Denmark's oldest cities with tracks dating back to ancient times. Experience the great imperial city on your own with this city walk.
Running in Viborg


Hikers at Silkeborg


From the source of the Gudenå to its mouth in Randers Fjord, the Gudenå country offers great and very varied nature experiences.