Viborgs history

Viborg is one of Denmarks oldest citys with tracks all the way back from ancient times. Viborg means "holy mountain".

Traders, warriors, craftsmen, pilgrims and adventurers came walking, riding and running with horses and oxen to take further along the Ancient Road to the major trading places and shrines in the south.

Until the introduction of absolute monarchy in 1660, all Danish kings hailed at the thing in Viborg, and noble gentleman men and Catholic bishops adorned the city with monumental buildings, including the characteristic cathedral with two towers.

Worth travelling after

Do you want to keep your vacation out in the free, do you enjoy the natur, then go to the Viborg-area. Here there are waiting a lot of culture and nature historical experiences.

Sct. Mogensgade, Viborg

Viborg on your own hand

 Viborg is one of Denmark's oldest cities with tracks dating back to ancient times. Experience the great imperial city on your own with this city walk.